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Innisfree Hydrogel Masks (Tea Tree & Berry)

For a beauty blogger who likes sheet masks and Korean cosmetics, I am late on the hydrogel masks bandwagon. Hydrogel masks are jelly-like masks that are supposed to lock in moisture into the skin. Many hydrogel masks contain 2 parts (above the nose area and below the nose area) so they tend to fit a variety of face shapes very well. These masks are slightly more pricey (typically $4 and up) than the cotton sheet masks.

To be honest, I found my first experience in using a hydrogel mask to be underwhelming. The pack itself came with less essence than what I’m used to in a sheet mask pack. I left the mask on my skin for 20 minutes and it did not feel as hydrating as expected. In my previous experience of using a sheet mask, even after 20 minutes, there’s still quite a bit of essence on my skin so I’d have to let it dry off before applying a moisturizer. With this hydrogel mask, there was no essence residue on my skin after usage. While one could argue that the essence from the hydrogel mask penetrated my skin faster than cotton sheet mask, I feel like it has more to do with the lack of essence. One thing I did like about this mask is that it stayed on my face very well. I was able to sit up and do my work without any problem.

Unfortunately, the Innisfree hydrogel masks were disappointing. But I’ll be trying hydrogel masks from other brands so hopefully I will have better luck next time.


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My Beauty Diary Masks [Black Pearl & Apple]


My Beauty Diary is a fairly popular collection of Taiwanese sheet masks in the online beauty community. They are easily accessible, inexpensive, and effectively hydrates the skin (at least temporarily, more on that later). The first time I used one of these masks, I didn’t really like it because there was so much essence and it gets kinda messy. I had to lie down so the liquid wouldn’t drip down my chin. But as I did some more research on sheet masks, I finally figured out the best way to use them.

  • Step 1: before you open the packet, squeeze the essence towards the bottom
  • Step 2: use scissors to cut the top of the packet, above the part where you can just pull the packaging open
  • Step 3: remove the mask and put it on your face
  • Step 4: do one of these 3 things: apply the remaining essence on the rest of your body, save it and use it as a serum for later evening routines, or insert a clean, dry sheet mask and let it soak for a few days so you can use it in the future
  • Step 5: leave the mask on your face for 30 minutes
  • Step 6: remove the mask off your face and let the remaining essence be absorbed into your skin (the mask is still mostly wet after 30 minutes)

The Black Pearl mask is supposed to have whitening effects. But I haven’t really noticed any changes in my skin’s hyperpigmentation. I mainly use this for hydration. Besides the Black Pearl mask, I also have the Apple mask. The Apple mask is supposed to contain hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. The main reason I wanted to try this mask is to test out the pore minimizing effects. Right after I took off the mask, my pores do look smaller. But when I woke up the next morning, they look the same size as before. I’ve read/watched a lot of reviews on My Beauty Diary masks and most people said the regular masks only have temporary effects. I’m okay with that because using sheet masks is meant to be an easy way to pamper yourself and relax. The premium masks and limited edition flower masks are supposed to work better but I haven’t tried them yet. Personally, I don’t have really high expectations for these masks and they work very well for the price you pay. Each box comes with 10 masks and they are about $14 total. I think the premium masks is around the same price for 5 masks.

Have you tried these masks before? Let me know what you think of them!