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Queen (女人我最大) is a Taiwanese talkshow focusing all things related to women, from fashion, skin care, to wellness. This episode shows some anti-aging techniques on caring for your neck. In our daily skincare regiment, it’s so easy to forget about our necks. I know I’m definitely guilty. I really like the method demonstrated in this episode and guest speaker/instructor even used my facial cleansing brush (Olay Pro-X, read review here) as an exfoliator. If you understand Chinese, go ahead and watch the video. If not, I’m going to translate and summarize some of the main points.

  • 2 (underrated) places that show signs of aging: neck and behind the ears
  • We should take care of these 2 parts of the body just like how we take care of our face
  • Remember to exfoliate your necklace regularly to prevent buildup of dead skin cells and formation of fine lines
  • When you towel dry your neck, use a soft dry towel and wipe it gently upward (with your wrist near your throat and your fingers towards your ear)
  • Then put some collagen facial toner on a cotton pad and dab it onto your neck (for better absorption)
  • Lastly, apply a collagen cream to moisturize your neck

Pretty easy, right? Make sure your incorporate this as a part of your skin care routine :)