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My Beauty Mistakes & Regrets

Last month, this blog has officially turned 2-years old and I’ve been doing some reflection on my personal history with makeup and skin care products. Throughout these 2 years, I’ve tried hundreds of new products and sometimes I find myself getting carried away with makeup. I first became interested in beauty products because of my skin problems. But lately, I find myself spending more time (and money) on concealing blemishes instead of protecting and preventing skin problems. I’m writing this post as a reminder for myself that I need to go back to the basics, spend more effort on skin care, and wear less makeup. Without good skin, even the best makeup would look cakey.

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Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum

A lot of bloggers have mentioned this eyeliner as the “drugstore dupe” for the Dolly Wink liquid liner so of course I had to try it! It’s a pen-style brush-tip liquid liner that costs around $10 (the most affordable of its kind to my knowledge). Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.


  • I really like the silver packaging; it stands out from all the typical black packaging for liquid liners.
  • The cap has a little spring inside, just like that of Stila and Kat Von D liquid liners
  • It’s slightly longer and wider than the Stila, Kat Von D, Dolly Wink, and K-Palette liquid liners
  • My favorite feature: brush tip is precise, does not bleed - very similar tip to K-Palette

Pigmentation & Formula:

  • It’s hard to tell from the swatches above but this eyeliner is definitely not as pigmented as the Stila eyeliner. On the eye, the color looks even lighter.
  • Pigmentation is closest to K-Palette (Dolly Wink’s pigmentation is in between K-Palette and Stila - sorry I don’t have a DW liner on hand for swatch comparison)
  • With a primer: fades after 8 hours and smudges after 10 hours on oily, hooded eyelids - lasts long enough to get through a regular day
  • The formula seems a bit watery even if I shake it a lot before application
  • It is waterproof (without rubbing), but after rubbing it twice, it starts to come off
  • As for the lash serum claim, I personally can’t tell a significant difference because I don’t use this eyeliner every single day.

As I’ve said before, the Physicians Formula Eye Booster is much more similar to the K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Liner than the Dolly Wink Liquid Liner. It is definitely more accessible and affordable than the Japanese liquid liners. I think this eyeliner works just fine for everyday purposes unless strong pigmentation matters a lot to you.

This product is available at: Ulta,, and your local drugstores


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Peter Coppola Argan Oil Treatment

I actually bought this product by mistake thinking it was pure argan oil, instead of an argan oil product. But it actually turned out to be pretty good! This is an argan oil-based hair serum that I use after blow drying my hair. The texture is very similar to that of Biosilk Silk Therapy but in my opinion, this product smells better and works more effectively. The only thing I prefer about the Silk Therapy is the packaging. I wish there was better dispenser on the Peter Coppola serum because the little opening on the bottle can easily create a mess.

After I blow dry my hair (I stop after it’s about 85% dry), I pour out a quarter size amount, rub it in my hands, and then distribute the product from the middle to the ends of my hair. This serum leaves my hair very soft and it also helps to minimize frizz. I always wash my hair at night because sleeping with hair serum in my hair makes it less frizz the next morning. I think this serum works much better with damp hair. I would not recommend applying this serum to dry hair because it could make the hair look greasy. The ends of my hair used to get very dry but this product along with my sulfate-free Organix shampoo and conditioner have made the ends look better than ever before.

I was unable find this product on the official Peter Coppola website. I’m not sure if this is a discontinued product because the only place I could find it online is Amazon. I bought mine from Marshalls for about $7.

EDITED 4.17.14

The repackaged version of this product can be found on the Peter Coppola website.


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