Feeding Your Skin From Within:  Purple Cabbage

Hi everyone!  Thank you all for the love that you showed to my first “feeding your skin from within” post!  Beauty is so all-around consuming sometimes that it helps to look at it from a more holistic angle.

That being said, my parents have always emphasized the intricate relationship between food consumption and overall health.  I think we tend to look at skin as a separate entity from the rest of our body and health because it is so entrenched with physical beauty and self-confidence.  But there’s many benefits to taking a step back and seeing the larger picture.  What we feed our bodies directly provides the building blocks that our bodies have to work with.  One of my parents’ tips is to eat a colorful diet!  Ideally, the goal is to eat foods that are 7 different colors every day.  But let’s be honest, daily hustle and bustle can get the better of us all.

Let’s chat some about PURPLE CABBAGE. Yes, let’s.


  • lots of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, potassium
  • deep purple color is due to high concentration of anthrocyanin polyphenols (dietary antioxidants with anti-inflammatory characteristics)
  • anthrocyanin polyphenols also help with weight loss by helping your body release hormones that suppress appetite and metabolize fat
  • full of isothiocyanate (fights cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial)
  • rich in lots of other antioxidants
It tastes and looks more interesting than traditional cabbage, and I love to add it to my stir-fries.  I have transitioned into a very vegetable-heavy diet, and I personally prefer stir-fries.  I cook my cabbage with oil, garlic, ginger, onions, salt, pepper, organic peanut sauce (from Whole Foods), soy sauce, tumeric (from curry powder), and chili sauce.  I eat this pretty purple confection with rice or noodles, and it tastes yums and beyond.  
For more diversity and cooking spice, here are a few sprinkling of recipes that use purple cabbage:

*Photo cred here and here.

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