Toiletry/Makeup Bag for Carry-On Luggage

I’m going on a 6-day trip next weekend and I’m only bringing a carry-on bag on my flight. Not only does this limit the amount of stuff I can bring overall, it significantly reduces the amount of liquid, gel, or oil products that I can bring. For someone who always packs a lot of toiletries, this can be a nightmare. But with small containers and samples, we can make it work!

Here are all the skin care, makeup, and personal care products that I plan to bring.

The products below are considered as liquid toiletry by TSA.

Conveniently, they all fit in a quart size bag!

General tips:

  • Bring as many samples or travel-size products as possible! Just doing this alone will save you a ton of space.
  • Shadow pencils and cream shadows are very travel-friendly. You don’t have to worry about them breaking apart and becoming a mess in a your bag. I’m just bringing 3 neutral Urban Decay Shadow Pencils (Sin, Juju, and Rehab).
  • If you are traveling to hot or humid places, choose waterproof or long-wearing formulas so your makeup will last longer. The Clinique High Impact mascara is not waterproof but it does last a long time. Remember, mascara also counts as a “liquid”!
  • Instead of bringing liquid/oil-based makeup removers, take cleansing wipes instead. They get the job done without requiring you to bring more liquid products.
  • This one isn’t really toiletry/makeup related, but when you pack your clothes, make sure you roll them instead of fold them. This technique will prevent wrinkles on your clothing and give you more space.

What are your tips for air travel?


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